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Hello everybody, welcome to the Jools Holland community.. I was shocked to discover that there wasn't already a Joolsy community on here and felt the need to put that right! My design skills aren't fantastic so as the numbers on here grow, competitions for the html minded amongst you may be cropping up!

I attend around four Jools gigs a year as well as solo gigs of some of the band members including Jon Scott and Winston Rollins. I'll be posting reviews and things of those here so feel free to do the same.

Most of all, enjoy the community, respect all its members and keep the boogie woogie alive!

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Cool :-) Don't know much about Jools Holland, but I never miss Later...

Awesome that you get to see him live so much.
Well, what a fabulous opportunity for you to get to know more about Jools and the band :]
Hee, I happen to think it's pretty awesome too!

Look forward to hearing more from you as the community grows!

Great idea!

Sadly I don't get to see him quite as often as you but I do try to make it at least once each year (Kew Gardens this time, two months to go!)
Thank you and welcome!

Yeah, not many people make it to as many gigs as me but lead trumpet, Jon Scott's my uncle so whenever I'm staying with him in London he often has some private functions with Jools and the like!

At least you make it to a gig a year, the atmosphere's unique and I always find it a very enlightening night!

Look forward to hearing more from you as the community grows!

Hello there! Thank you for inviting me.

I haven't seen Jools live for a few years now (wrong side of the pond and all that), but back in the day I used to go to any gig that was within a couple of hours train journey from London. Always had a fantastic time, the atmosphere at those gigs was like no other. I'd love to hear what the gigs are like these days.

Is that you with Jon Scott in your icon?
No problem, welcome!

Aww, you're missing out.. the gigs keep getting better and better.. I'll post reviews as I go :] I agree about the atmosphere, it's impossible to leave a Jools gig without a grin on your face!

Well observed, that is indeed me and Jon Scott in my icon.. he's my uncle!